The purpose of this course is to guide the student towards dressage competition, reinforcing the knowledge acquired in previous courses and making him improve within this discipline.

This course is eminently practical, in fact, the student must take the course as a training, acquiring the  necessary work habits in order to improve in the Dressage discipline.

Students must be able to successfully perform reprises 3A and 4.

This activity will take place throughout the year, planning a competition schedule, from social competitions to CDTD or CDTC. Students must complete a minimum of two classes a week, intensifying them according to the planned competitions and student’s availability.
This course’s target are those students who demonstrate in previous courses to have acquired a minimum of knowledge which allows them to progress in this course.

In this activity, and because the horses need to have a higher level,  there will surely be a greater number of students that have a particular horse.

Students who enrol in this course will participate in the competitions of social, CDTD or CDTC carried out at our facilities. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in different competitions  at CDTC CDTD level and the logistics required to participate in them.