The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to the Dressage discipline and face them towards its sporting side, in terms of social or CDTD competitions.

After completing the course, students should know:

As for the horse; recognize the different types and breeds, their characteristics, and knowing more deeply the different breeds that are suitable for the Dressage discipline,  recognizing on each breed their strengths and weaknesses for this discipline.

Overall, students should recognize the different types of bridle and saddle used in the different horse modalities, whether it’s a sport modality or not (Portuguese, raid, western, jumping, etc ..).
Regarding the management of horses, students will know how to tack and untack the horses, and will also learn how to tidy the manes and tails of horses (make braids, buns, etc …)

They will also evolve doing competitions, as the students will learn the basic features of the regulation of Doma of FCH (Catalan Equestrian Federation) as well as the equipment needed to participate in them, to be acquired for its own account if they want to participate.

Students should be able to distinguish and work with different basic issues.

Students must successfully develop the reprises of AP, level 1 and level 2.

This activity will take place during the school year, with the students doing one or two classes a week, or intensively during the summer months doing the student two, three or four classes a week.

This activity will be aimed at students who have successfully passed the course initiation to riding or who have demonstrated to have enough level to do this course.

Students participating in this activity will participate in social competitions or CDTD carried out at the facilities. They will also be offered the opportunity to participate in different CDTD competitions and  the logistics needed to participate in them.

There is a possibility that a student, according to their abilities might be able to do a higher level activity, or else have to repeat the same course if he does not pass to a higher level.