Hippotherapy is a physiotherapy treatment, recognized worldwide. It is a way to mount where the patient is placed in various positions by the physiotherapist in order to take advantage of the oscillating movement of the horse.

Life is movement, and the communication between human beings and the movement of the horse is a unique experience; the transmision of the movements of the horse to de patient it is the same as the one humans have when walk, therefore the patient doesn’t face the treatment passively, so the use of the horse is key. Crystallization of its capabilities for treating neurological disorders of movement occurs first, by taking the center of gravity as neuromotor insertion.

The different kinesic treatment methods was developed by Hippotherapy, becoming a qualified Neurophysiological treatment with the use of the horse. From being a tool for exercises, the horse became a partner for physiotherapists and today is known as the best Movements simulator. There is no machine or human exercise that equals it. This discipline is used for the rehabilitation of patients with neurodegenerative diseases and trauma, physical and mental disabilities, through the cadential walk of the horse. It is the healing power of the horse.


It is important to emphasize that the multidimensional movement in the shift of the horse is similar to ambulatory movement of a man. This produces in the human lumbar spine a rotation of 19 degrees, a lateral inclination of 16 degrees and a tightening and loosening of vertebrae in the form of pumping. In addition, in the hips there is a vertical swinging movement of the order of 5 cm, one swinging movement on the side of 7 cm and a rotation of 8 degrees. There is also an opposed rotation between shoulders and hips.

A walking horse transmits the patient a lot of movements that anyone who has ridden has already perceived, everything moves even the the hair does, the horse’s movement delivers 90-110 oscillations per minute to the rider, which opens a huge field to practice a therapy to keep a good physical and mental health.